Operational Improvements: grow significantly the profitability of your company  


In today's business environment, companies face numerous challenges

  • How can your company reduce operating costs to help you maintain cost competitiveness and increase profitability, addressing areas like:
    • Manufacturing
    • Logistics: warehousing and transportation
    • Supply chain, including planning and inventory management
    • Sourcing and procurement
  • What levers are available to increase productivity, reduce waste and rework, automate transactional activities by balancing costs and quality?
  • How can support functions be optimized to better support your business?
  • How can you optimize the capital invested in your company?


Our solutions help you address these challenges:

  • OPEX and CAPEX Reduction
    • Benchmarking, cost reduction planning and execution
    • Maintenance strategy and optimization
    • Process optimization, leveraging lean and automation
    • Structuring make or buy decisions
    • Back office setup and optimization
    • Shared services setup, benchmarking and optimization
    • Capital costs optimization
  • Production and Supply Chain Optimization
    • Location selection
    • Supply chain benchmarking and optimization
    • Sourcing and Procurement strategy and implementation
    • Working capital reduction
    • Definition of manufacturing strategy and of the related organization, implementation
    • Lean production setup
    • Factory 4.0 strategy